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12 - 16 October 2023
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Thank you for your attention

You are welcome to

Porto Tango Marathon Autumn 2023

From 20.00h of October 12th till 04.00h of October 16th, you'll have:

- 44 hours of classic tango music by an international DJs team and live music.

- A wooden floor in a beautiful ballroom in the center of Porto.

- Tea/coffee/water/sweets/fruits/snacks all the time. Hot soup at 23:30h.

- Followers / Leaders balance

The Program

Thursday, 12th October


Creditation starts at 18:00h

Warming Up Milonga 20:00h till 04:00h 

DJs: 20:00h - 24:00h Luis Cono

  00:00h - 04:00h Tino Iacobino

 Friday, 13th October 

Afternoon milonga 14:00h - 20:00h. TDJ Santoz

dinner break

Night milonga 22:00h - 04:00h. DJ Carmen Villafuerte

Welcome Port wine toast and nata around 18:00h

The Bandonegro Tango Orchestra plays at 23:00h and at 01:00h. This time with singer Carlos Roulet

Saturday, 14th October

                                                            10:00h - 12:00h, guided touristic tour in the center of Porto

                Starts and ends at the Marathon location. For headphones, a prior registration fee of €3,00 is required. It's refundable upon timely attendance in the  venue

Afternoon milonga 14:00h - 20:00h. DJ Tino Iacobino

dinner break

Night milonga 22:00h - 04:00h. DJ Luis Cono

 Orquestra Cadenero Tango plays at 23:00h and 01:00h  

Sunday, 15th October

Afternoon milonga 14:00h - 20:00h. DJ Carmen Villafuerte

dinner break

Night milonga 22:00h - 04:00h. TDJ Santoz

Orquestra de Tango "La Ideal" plays at 23:00h and 01:00h

                                           Monday, 16th October       

As option, there will be an after party milonga Monday 16th, not included in the marathon fee, from                  21:00h till 03:00h. DJs: Tino Iacobino / Luis Cono


                                                Milongas opened to the "tanguero" public: 


Thursday milonga 20:00h - 04:00h, Sunday night milonga - SOLD OUT, Monday milonga 21:00h 03:00h 

                                            Tickets - 10,00€

The music

The Music




Singer Carlos Roulet

Carlos Roulet.jpeg

The event venue



The Porto Commercial Atheneum, Association of Culture, Instruction and Recreation, was founded on August 29, 1869 and resulted from the merger of other similar institutions that did not avenge, founded by merchants and clerks of the city of Porto.


Unique association in its kind, with the character of a private club, where there are recreational and cultural activities, it has its own headquarters in Rua de Passos Manuel, no. 44, since May 1885.

Equipped with magnificent facilities, it has a noble, multipurpose room, library, buffet, bar, barber shop, parlor, games rooms, billiards halls and reading room, in addition to the D. Luís and Dr. Uva rooms.

Prices and registration

Individual registrations - € 110.00

Couple registrations - € 190.00, in one payment please


For 60.00€ more, you may have:
      - Two brunches
, 12:00h – 14:00h: Saturday and Sunday. 

- Three tasty dinners from Portuguese gastronomy, 20:00h - 22:00h:

 Friday Saturday and Sunday.

This edition of Porto Tango Marathon is SOLD OUT

Thank you for your attention


            At Grande Hotel do Porto , situated 200 meters away from the venue, through the website "", you'll get a 10% discount on that weekend if you insert the code "tango2020"on the  downer left corner of the room's reservation. Breakfast included

Check it out!



Carmen Villafuerte

DJ´s team

Luis Cono

luis Cono.jpg

Tino Iacovino

TDJ Santoz

Tino Iacobino.jpg

 It is possibile that during the event photos and videos will be made about you. By attending to this event you totally agree with this, and you give your exact permission to take photos and videos about you, and use them later by the organizers.


Thank you for your attention

We hope to welcome you to Porto, soon.

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