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The menu

Mixed appetizers (meatballs, croquettes, samosas, cod fritters) Various pies Various salads Pizzas Bread

Fresh fruit. cake

cola orange juice


Pork meet Alentejo way

is a typical dish from the Algarve region. The Algarve cooks gave the dish this name to indicate that the meat used was pork from the Alentejo (with a tastier meat, because the pigs ate cork oak acorns)
It is prepared with clams, pork, paprika, bay leaf, wine and garlic, among other possible seasonings.

Chipped cod with conrnbread

The Portuguese discovered cod in the 15th century, at the time of the great navigations. They needed products that were not perishable, that could withstand the long journeys across the Atlantic.
The Portuguese have become the biggest consumers of cod in the world, affectionately called by them "faithful friend".
With cornbread and vegetables is one of the ways we cook i

baacalhau com broa.jpg

Duck rice

It is believed that the first preparation of duck rice took place in Portugal, in a seminar in Braga, the oldest in the country. It turned out to be very famous, especially for the texture of the duck meat. After all, it is very soft and brings a strong flavor to the palate.

White or red wine included in the meals

Enjoy your meal

And tasty cakes for dessert

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